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My main focus in therapy (and in all my work) is to help clients connect with their sense of life (or soul) purpose. I envision the work as a journey where there are no “mistakes,” only opportunities for learning and growth. I help clients learn to identify their many resilient and wounded parts or subpersonalities and work toward healing.

The work also fosters an understanding of nervous system regulation and enhancing the capacity for challenging mind-states. I assist clients in learning to be more objective about thoughts and feelings and work with them effectively. Developing an ability to work with the mind can be a very challenging and essential part of expanding overall well-being.


Coaching offers structured and practical strategies for achieving specific goals or general life changes. I integrate coaching strategies into therapy when it can be productive.


We are always giving ourselves suggestions. Hypnosis helps integrate positive and specific suggestions, specified by clients, into the subconscious mind. Hypnosis can be effective for habit changes and increasing positive self-talk.

Energy workcropped-hummingbird-more-detail1.jpg

Angel and Akashic Record Readings, crystal and chakra work, Reiki


Energy work is valuable in connecting us to the positive vibrations available to us on a universal level. We can also learn to protect ourselves from negative “lower” energies. It can help us to see the “big picture” of our lives on both a personal and societal level. Sessions can integrate readings with energy clearing using crystals and Reiki.

Sliding scale for an hour session: $60-90. (insurance is not accepted for energy work)


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